Our Center provides the following services to the community in need:

  1. Installation and Design of:
    1. LAN/WAN/WiFi Network Infrastructures for Schools, Hotels, Malls, Work Places, Private institutions and etc
    2. Security technologies like CCTV Cameras (IP/Analog), Access Controls, Home Security, Intelligent Building Products, and etc
    3. Phone Network Systems IP/Analog PABX for Hotels, Malls, Offices and etc
    4. TV Networks RF/Satellite/AV for Hotels, Cinemas, Malls, Offices, Business centers and etc
    5. Database Management Systems, Employee Control Software and Hardware including Fingerprints and Face detection attendance systems, and etc
  2. Maintenance of:
    1. Computers devices like Laptops, Desktops, Servers and etc
    2. Smart phones with iOS and Android OS, Tablets, palmtops, and etc
    3. Printers, Copiers, Scanners, and other related eequipments
  3. Provision of Internet Access with Fast Optical Broadband
    1. WiFi with Cloud Managed Pre-paid time Vouchers and Bandwidth Vouchers for onetime and permanent customers.
    2. Fast and Well suited Workstations with Printers and scanners at our Shops.
  4. Other Services like Secretarial, Scanning, Laminating, Copy, Printing, Digital Advertising, Web Design and Hosting, as well as all other Technology related activities.